Wonderful Diwali Games And Activities For Kids and Teacher

Diwali Games For Kids: First guys Happy Diwali to everyone and welcome here. As Diwali is near and you may want to know how to celebrate diwali in memorable way. Diwali is not only a time for celebration, but also for family get-togetherness and activities. Diwali is known as Festival Of Lights and known also with name Deepavali. During this festival so many Mandal, societies, sector areas, many others , used to organize a party where so much fun, DJ nights and much more are organized including games.


Maybe you are also doing same but if you have children at your home then you should do something new. As in 21st century kids are advanced and They are smart and highly informative. You should use these Diwali Games For Kids as these days kids avoid the old ideas and school games. If you are going to arrange a party then also add these games for kids on diwali too make them happy. They will surely love these diwali activities for kids.


Diwali Diya Lighting Contest

v style="text-align: justify;">Simple and fun game for kids and also for the big members of the family. This game is very simple just call every person from your home and make two-three or four groups depends on the total number of members. Now give them same number of diyas and tell them to light the diyas and those who light all the diyas in certain time would be winner.
Wonderful Diwali Games And Activities For Kids and Teacher

Musical Chairs Competition

v style="text-align: justify;">You can play this game in the hall of your home or in some big space. Just call every person of your family and arrange near around 10-12 chairs. Also setup sound and some songs to play and arrange the chairs as like image. If you have 10 chairs then 11 persons can play the game. Play the music for certain time then stop it and whoever settled down on the chair the can move forward when one gets out then remove one more chair like this continue it and last you will hold that one chair they will win the game.
Wonderful Diwali Games And Activities For Kids and Teacher

Fancy Dress Competition

v style="text-align: justify;">You can arrange it in your clubhouses, or an open space areas where you all feel comfortable and inform them to dressed up in stylish, and set a stage or something from where they can do ramp walk and set judge who judge them up to 2 to 4 judges and who dressed up nicely and cool they will win the contents. And begin the game with some music and select the winner based on dressing or you can cheat too and make the winner the little one 😛
Wonderful Diwali Games And Activities For Kids and Teacher

Antakshri (Music Competition)

tyle="text-align: justify;">This is very popular and very easy to play. As almost every have played this game in their free times. If you have, you don’t haft learn it again. And if you have not, here’s how you can play it.
Invite your pals and sit in a circular arrangement. As the host, you should sing up first and start the game. The idea of the game is that each participant should sing the few lines of a Hindi film song. When he/she stops the song the second person have to start song which starts with the same letter on which the first singer stopped singing. Like first person sung ABCDEF then the second person have to sung from F letter. The taking up of songs should continue in a clockwise or an anti-clockwise direction. This is really a fun game and those who failed to start the song from the ending letter lose the game and other wins.

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